Success stories with
concrete effects

Wegatech GmbH

Energy for the future: a conversation about the implementation of ContractHero at Wegatech

As Wegatech grew, the demands on the financial processes also increased. Accessing contracts was time-consuming and confusing. Lena and her team therefore began looking for a solution to centrally manage all contracts. ContractHero impressed them with its intuitive operation, clarity and adaptability. Since the implementation, they have saved time and have a better overview of their contracts. Find out here how ContractHero convinced them.
Factory Works

Generating growth through smart contract management

By using ContractHero, Factory Works has realized significant benefits. This success story shows how Factory Works overcame challenges, optimized processes and empowered teams with the help of ContractHero. The introduction of ContractHero enabled better use of time, more efficient ways of working and more informed strategic decisions. Learn how ContractHero became an indispensable tool in Factory Works' journey to efficiency and success.
Steel construction Magdeburg

How ContractHero supports Stahlbau Magdeburg GmbH: From an isolated solution to digital contract management

With a clear focus on digitalization and sustainability, Stahlbau Magdeburg is specifically preparing for a future-oriented, digitally driven era. Find out here how Stahlbau Magdeburg, a provider in the design and manufacture of steel structures, has successfully transformed its processes amid challenges such as the Corona pandemic and the Ukraine crisis.
DINA Electronics

DINA: A partnership for transformation, pioneering spirit and transparency

DINA's goal is to be a pioneer in the machine building safety control industry, they have reinterpreted traditional concepts and embedded innovative strategies into the company culture. DINA's success story is one of impressive growth and technological innovation. Join us on DINA's exciting journey and learn how ContractHero supports them on their journey.

Natsana success story

Natsana, a successful German e-commerce company in the nutritional supplements sector, has optimized its contract management by integrating three leading brands and using ContractHero. This led to cost savings, accelerated processes and standardized contract structures.

Success story Finc3

The international focus has now been further strengthened by the recently announced merger with the American e-commerce agency Fortress Brand. They support national and international companies in establishing and expanding their digital business. Since 2014, the team of now more than 100 digital, e-commerce and online marketing experts has been developing digital business models. Working in a large team and with many clients and service providers means that a wide variety of contracts, such as rental agreements, license agreements, NDAs and the like, arise in the agency's day-to-day work. Thanks to ContractHero, the Finc3 team was able to bring order to the contractual chaos.

Schüttflix success story

The Schüttflix app connects suppliers and freight forwarders directly with customers from the building construction, civil engineering, gardening and landscaping sectors. Instead of being regionally fragmented and non-transparent, Schüttflix is the first to create an efficient market for all common bulk materials that functions throughout Germany. The shareholders of Schüttflix include the founding partners Christian Hülsewig and Thomas Hagedorn, the actress and presenter Sophia Thomalla and the venture capital funds Speedinvest, HV Capital and Molten Ventures.

Success story maximalPULS

maximalPULS is responsible for the acquisition of thousands of participants and sponsors from the business world as well as the complete organization of the location, the course and the associated infrastructure. maximalPULS also offers sports concepts for companies that want to actively promote the health of their employees.

Savings of 100,000 euros

For more than 20 years, driven by the aspiration to shape the changing world, the company has been operating with a team of 200 experts both nationally and internationally - always with foresight. Urbanisation, digital change and sustainability are profoundly changing the industry. Security must therefore always be rethought. hhpberlin wants to drive this process forward and play a significant role in shaping it.

25% cost reduction for BITGRIP's standard toolset

The Berlin digital enthusiasts offer services in the areas of IT consulting, software development, IT architecture, UX/UI design, application operation and process optimisation. They are more technically skilled than any digital agency, more creative than any IT consultant and more pragmatic than any strategy consultancy. Their clients include well-known brands such as Deutsche Telekom, KSB Group, Media Broadcast,, Springer Nature, Vattenfall, Cornelsen, Mr. Spex, Coop, UNICEF Germany and many more.

25% more resources for the core business at event specialist booker

booker offers professional services and intelligent solutions - all from one source, convenient, reliable and efficient. In addition to the official hospitality ticket marketing for world-class artists such as Coldplay, Robbie Williams, Madonna, U2 or The Rolling Stones, booker also markets boxes and VIP tickets of the largest German arenas and stadiums. With more than 2,000 event offers per year, booker is also one of the largest ticket service providers for corporate customers.
Property management Stocky

Save 90% time finding important information about Stocky Property Management

ContractHero simplifies the management of the property as a condominium management, rental/SE management, but also for commercial properties. The company places the highest value on trust and works in close coordination with the owners in order to fully meet their expectations and always act in the common interest.