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Finc3 is an international online marketing group headquartered in Hamburg, Germany.
The international focus has now been further strengthened by the recently announced merger with the American e-commerce agency Fortress Brand. They support national and international companies in setting up or expanding their digital business. Since 2014, the team of now more than 100 digital, e-commerce and online marketing experts has been developing digital business models. Due to the work in a large team and with many customers and service providers, a wide variety of contracts, such as leases, license agreements, NDAs and the like, arise in the agency's day-to-day work. Thanks to ContractHero, the Finc3 team was able to bring order into the contract chaos. The establishment of a uniform filing process for contracts results in a long desired individual overview and through the structures set up in ContractHero, a significant time saving in the administration process can be recorded.


The lack of clarity about current contracts and their deadlines and most important details is especially problematic in the stressful daily agency routine. But even the creation of new contracts is quickly postponed because the existing processes are too long. In addition, an individually customizable solution for the internal contract management was missing in order to ideally adapt it to the requirements of Finc3.

  • Clear handling of the contracts
  • Time savings in creating and managing contracts
  • Higher degree of individualization

Time-saving contract management

Thanks to the clear and intuitive structure of ContractHero, the time required for a functioning and reliable contract management at Finc3 is very low. Through email and browser notifications about cancellation deadlines or similar, monthly checks are enough to make sure that everything is up to date and correctly created. Contract management has never been so easy!


Through the intuitive contract creation, with the individually customizable modular system, different use cases can be mapped and corresponding contract categories can be created and adapted. A distinction is made, for example, between rental agreements or leasing agreements (storage space, water machines), mobile communications agreements, sublease agreements, license agreements, NDAs/confidentiality agreements, or even insurance policies.

In addition, finding contracts is no longer a tedious and, above all, time-consuming task, since it only takes a few clicks to find the contract you are looking for. Finc3 records significant time savings when searching for contracts compared to the previous solution.

But also the creation of contracts is easier and more time-saving with ContractHero. Compared to the previous solution, it takes about half as long with ContractHero until a contract is completely entered.

Through ContractHero, internal structures were created that enable an agency-wide upload of new contracts - uncomplicated and fast. This particularly affects contracts that are relevant for the entire agency and for which clear handling is required across teams. 

  • Saves time searching for contracts
  • Cross-team access to contracts
  • Digital overview of all contracts

We lost far too much time on manual and repetitive tasks. Thanks to ContractHero, we not only save an incredible amount of time and money in managing our contracts, but also optimize communication internally and externally in the often turbulent daily agency life.

Franziska Böhnemann

Executive Assistant Finc3 Ltd

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