Optimized workflows through integration

By integrating ContractHero with your existing systems (e.g. ERP, CRM, accounting), you always stay up to date by transferring information quickly and efficiently.
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Set up

Simply set up webhooks

Webhooks at ContractHero are quickly set up: select the event, copy the webhook URL, paste it into the target program - done!

Expand your ContractHero experience

Here is a list of possible integrations
Strengthen your supply chain in Salesforce with direct access to contracts and conditions.
Speed up the signature process by directly integrating contract details.
Connect your SAP system with an integration for financial postings, employees and cost units.
Use Power BI to create dashboards that visualize contract details such as terms and financial conditions.
Use Lucanet for detailed liquidity forecasts based on contractual obligations.
Secure your financial transactions in NetSuite with accurate amounts.
Strengthen business relationships with transparent access to contract details in Dynamics 365.
Centralize all contracts in ContractHero and never miss a deadline again.
Improve compliance in HRWorks by integrating employment contract details.
Use MS Teams to receive updates on deadlines, signatures directly in your team channel.
Speed up contract creation in ContractHero by using MS Word.
Organize contract deadlines and reminders directly in MS Outlook.
Receive real-time notifications in Slack about contract changes and deadlines.
Automatically link contract deadlines and updates with other apps and services via Zapier.
With MS PowerAutomate, contract information is automatically updated and sent.
Speed up the signature process by directly integrating contract details.
Use Jedox to integrate contract costs into your financial planning and analysis.
Organize contract deadlines and reminders directly in Google Calendar.
Tableau can be used to identify trends over different time periods.
Implement Agicap for dynamic monitoring of payment flows from contracts.
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