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maximalPULS GmbH, based in Leipzig, is a full-service organiser of sporting events, including the Leipzig half marathon, the VELOFONDO24h cycle race, the Höffner neuseen classics and the neuseenMAN triathlon.
The company is responsible for the acquisition of thousands of participants and sponsors from the business world as well as the complete organisation of the location, the course and the associated infrastructure. maximalPULS also offers sports concepts for companies that want to actively promote the health of their employees.


maximalPULS maintains a large number of sponsorship contracts and service agreements for different events as well as year-round arrangements, but has not had an overall view for targeted cross-event optimisations until now. In addition, the management pursues the paperless office as its own sport and already uses other digital tools.

  • Automatic reminder for new sponsor acquisition
  • 50% less risk in the area of taxes
  • Digital overview of all contracts


Thanks to ContractHero, maximalPULS works even more agilely and accesses information from contracts from anywhere. In addition to resubmission for continuous optimisation and risk reduction in the tax area, ContractHero also serves to improve the planning of recurring events. In addition, maximalPULS can now better scale larger arrangements in occupational health management.

  • Overview of all event contracts
  • Reduction of paper volume
  • Interaction with other tools

Thanks to ContractHero, the entire team not only has access to all contracts, but above all a good feeling of overview. In addition, we are one giant step closer to our big goal of a paperless office, because ContractHero works perfectly with other tools.

Ronny Winkler

Managing Director maximalPULS GmbH

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