Contract management

Complete overview of all contracts

With ContractHero's intuitive contract management software, all your contracts can be managed in an automated and structured way.
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All contracts in one place

ContractHero simplifies your contract management and puts you in control.

AI-driven: Automatic analysis, optimized management

ContractHero uses artificial intelligence to analyze uploaded contracts quickly, capture important details automatically and enter them into the system, enabling time efficient processes.
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Tailor-made: ContractHero adapts to your business.

Generate custom fields according to your needs and streamline your entire contract process with flexibility and efficiency.
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Reliable: Meet all deadlines

ContractHero makes it easier to meet important deadlines with automatic reminders that provide timely information about upcoming deadlines and contract renewals, thus saving time and resources.
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Expandable: Effortlessly add teams as needed

ContractHero offers a central platform for the efficient management and overview of multiple companies, locations or teams. With the multi-client capability, you retain control and increase the productivity of your organization.
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Secure: Maximum control over company data

ContractHero offers extensive permission settings and enhanced protection for contract data through individual authorizations based on departments, contract categories and reading rights.
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Simple: Centralize and sync contacts

ContractHero enhances communication and coordination by providing a structured overview of contractual partners. Our structured contact management system empowers you to strengthen relationships with your partners and streamline contract management processes.
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Smooth: Easy data transfer

ContractHero enables an easy contract import via CSV, drag-and-drop, or email forwarding. The export function allows users to create custom exports with just one click, making them readily available for further analysis.
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ISO: 27001 certified

ContractHero guarantees first-class protection of confidential business data and contracts in accordance with ISO/IEC 27001:2022 certification. Other features such as rights management, multi-client capability and 2-factor authentication provide additional security for your contracts.

Clear structuring and retrieval of information

ContractHero brings order into contract chaos. Transparent structures make it easier to find and manage contracts and ensure clear responsibilities within the team.

Analyze, capture, and automate

Accelerate your contract processes with ContractHero. Our platform allows you to quickly capture contract information and save time finding important data.

Frequently Asked Questions About Contract Management Software

What are the benefits of ContractHero's contract management software?
ContractHero greatly simplifies the management of contracts and optimizes the creation and negotiation of new contracts through the use of an electronic signature, contract templates and the integrated search function. A clear dashboard makes it possible to have a transparent overview of all finances and to take document management to a completely new level. Thanks to deadline reminders, missed contract and notice deadlines are a thing of the past, while AI-powered contract analysis ensures a powerful evaluation of contracts. This significantly simplifies workflows and helps to increase efficiency.
How is the security of contractual data guaranteed at ContractHero?
At ContractHero, the security of your contracts is highly guaranteed through the use of advanced security technologies and encryption methods. As an ISO 27001 certified SaaS software, we ensure that you always have the latest security features with automatic updates. We also support single sign-on (SSO), multi-tenancy, and detailed role and user management to precisely control and protect access to your contract data. With regular security updates and strict privacy policies, we ensure the security and confidentiality of your contract information.
What are other key elements of effective contract management?
In order to manage contracts digitally, contract management software is essential that manages certain things such as the overview of all contracts, costs and revenues, as well as the lifecycle quickly and easily through automated workflows. Good contract management enables all of these things and offers even more benefits, such as digitally signing contracts, digitizing contract files, and creating tasks and reminders that help your business make informed decisions. The software offers more than just managing contracts; it minimizes risks and accelerates processes.
What role does artificial intelligence play in contract management?
ContractHero uses artificial intelligence to extract specific information such as deadlines, termination dates, partner information and payment terms from contracts. The analysis helps companies manage their contracts quickly and automatically by enabling them to quickly capture important contract terms and automatically create tasks and reminders based on them.
How can automation help ensure deadlines are met?
Automation contributes to deadline compliance by ContractHero reading notice periods from contracts and transferring them to the system. Based on user-defined rules, such as sending a reminder three months before the termination date, the software automatically creates tasks. These functions reduce the risk of missed deadlines and improve compliance in contract management.
How does ContractHero ensure a user-friendly and easy implementation of the software?
ContractHero combines intuitive design with powerful support and efficient onboarding, making it easy to implement. Features such as the mass import of contracts via drag & drop or CSV import and the AI-supported, scaling contract analysis significantly simplify the management and digitalization of your contract processes. The user-friendly interface and structured presentation of contracts speed up onboarding and improve the efficiency of contract management. Our support team will guide you from setup to day-to-day use to perfect your company's contract management.
How can ContractHero improve productivity in my team?
ContractHero increases team productivity through digitalization and improved collaboration in contract management. With automation, AI analytics, and reminder and task features, the software minimizes manual processes and promotes clear communication within the team. Responsibilities, deadlines, and important reminders can be easily assigned, improving visibility and compliance in contract management.
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