Contract management for purchasing

As purchasing becomes increasingly complex, the topic of digital solutions is becoming more and more relevant for purchasing departments. It is no longer just about finding suppliers and procuring goods. It is equally important to manage the increasing complexity and maintain an overview. ContractHero helps by providing quick access to contract information and enabling the management and automation of this information.
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How ContractHero helps with purchasing

ContractHero addresses the increasing complexity and limited overview with features such as customizable contract fields, automated deadline management and central rights management.
Efficient supply chain management
Optimize the complexity of your supply chains with customizable contract fields
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Cost transparency and control
Protect yourself from hidden costs and contractual penalties with automated deadline management.
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Achieving sustainability goals
Specify sustainability certificates and ESG standards in your contracts.
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Fast decision making
React quickly to unforeseen events such as delivery delays or accidents.
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Strict adherence to compliance
Minimize the risk of compliance violations with central rights management
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Standardization and flexibility
Automate routine tasks and increase efficiency with ContractHero.
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Current challenges in purchasing

Purchasing departments are currently facing numerous challenges. Global supply chain problems, volatile prices and strict compliance guidelines are just some of them. A study by Statista shows that 68% of companies in various sectors are affected by significant supply difficulties. This is where efficient contract management can provide relief and transparency.
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Mastering the complexity of supply chains

In the age of globalization, supply chains are more complex than ever. Whether you are single-sourcing or multi-sourcing, you need a clear overview of all contracts and agreements. ContractHero enables you to analyze contracts quickly and accurately with customizable fields. Whether it's a supplier contract, insurance contract or employment contract, all information is immediately accessible.

Cost management and tracking

Cost control is an important factor in purchasing. Not only the purchase price, but also hidden costs such as contractual penalties can have a significant impact on profitability. ContractHero's automated deadline management informs you in good time about upcoming deadlines and contract extensions, protecting you from unnecessary costs.
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Fast response times thanks to efficient contract management

A quick response to unforeseen events is crucial. Whether a truck has an accident or a delivery arrives late, being able to find the relevant contract details quickly is essential. Thanks to OCR text recognition, AI-supported contract analysis and a digital contact address book, you have all the necessary information at your fingertips in no time at all.

Sustainability and multi-client capability

Sustainability is not just a buzzword, but a serious corporate goal on which partnerships are based. ContractHero supports you in achieving your sustainability goals. The platform enables you to include sustainability certificates and ESG standards in your contracts and manage certificates. The software's multi-client capability also ensures that you can enforce these standards both individually and company-wide.
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Compliance and international regulations

Compliance with legal requirements and internal company guidelines is essential in procurement. With ContractHero's centralized rights management, you can ensure that only authorized individuals have access to contract details, minimizing the risk of compliance violations.


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