Contract management for procurement

The increasing complexity in procurement requires digital solutions. ContractHero provides quick access to contract information and automates its management.
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ContractHero is rated 4.8 out of 5 stars on G2 and OMR Reviews.

ContractHero helps with purchasing

ContractHero overcomes complexity and lack of overview through customizable contract fields, automated deadlines and central rights management.

Efficient management
Optimize complex workflows with customizable contract fields.
Cost transparency and control
Protect yourself from hidden costs and contractual penalties with automated deadline management.
Manage ESG standards and certificates
Manage certificates and ESG standards in ContractHero.
Fast decision making
React quickly to unforeseen events such as delivery delays or accidents.
Strict adherence to compliance
Minimize the risk of compliance violations with central rights management
Standardization and flexibility
Automate routine tasks and increase efficiency with ContractHero.

Cost transparency and control

Cost control is crucial in procurement. ContractHero's automated deadline management informs you on time about upcoming deadlines and contract extensions to avoid unnecessary costs.

Manage complexity more efficiently

In the global business environment, complexity is constantly increasing. ContractHero supports you with fast and accurate contract analysis, equipped with customizable fields for any type of contract.

Effective solutions for global challenges

According to Statista, 68% of companies are affected by delivery difficulties. Efficient contract management offers solutions and transparency through centralized contract management as well as automatic analysis and deadline management.

Fast response times

A quick response to unforeseen events is crucial. With OCR text recognition, AI-supported contract analysis and a digital contact address book, you have all the information you need at your fingertips.

International regulations

With ContractHero's centralized rights management, you can ensure that only authorized individuals have access to contract details to minimize compliance risks.
ContractHero has revolutionized the management of our contracts - it is user-friendly, efficient and provides full transparency of our contracts. Without ContractHero, the data would be difficult to find, which saves us a lot of time. Especially in the financial area, it allows us to keep an eye on costs and deadlines.
Ferdinand Neumann
Head of Finance & Controlling
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