Field construction kit

Simplify contract maintenance with the field builder! The Field Builder is a feature of ContractHero that allows you to manage contracts effortlessly by simply creating pre-built fields.

Consistency in contracting

The field builder allows you to standardize and automate your contract maintenance by saving recurring fields. This saves you time and ensures that your contracts are always consistent and up to date.

Mapping individual needs

The field builder allows you to create categories that meet your individual needs. You can choose from a variety of fields or add your own fields to ensure that your contracts are tailored to your exact needs.

Advantages of the field construction kit at ContractHero

User defined fields
Capture all relevant information and never overlook important details again.
Simple adjustment
Customize your contracts with just a few clicks by adding or removing fields.
Efficiency increase
Increase workflow efficiency by creating custom fields and automating contract management.
Better compliance
Create custom fields to map regulatory requirements or internal policies.

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