Contract analysis

Automatically read, analyze and record contracts in ContractHero

ContractHero uses OCR to automatically capture contracts and make them machine-readable. They are then analyzed and the relevant data is entered into ContractHero.
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Read out information

Save time by reading out contract data with AI

ContractHero's AI-based contract analysis automatically extracts contract partners, deadlines and obligations. With our powerful OCR function, scanned documents and images can also be uploaded and analyzed via email or drag-and-drop.
Analyze information

Clear presentation of important contract data

After being read by OCR and AI, important details such as contractual partners, deadlines and obligations are transferred to ContractHero, where they are easily accessible at all times.
Automated insights

Software that saves resources

ContractHero's automatic contract analysis makes it easier to manage a growing number of contracts. Optimize and digitize your contract management and eliminate manual work steps effortlessly.
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