Stahlbau Magdeburg switches from a stand-alone solution to digital contract management


  • Isolated solutions lead to ambiguities
  • No central management of contract documents
  • Paper trays in different locations prevent digital &hybrid way of working

How could ContractHero Stahlbau Magdeburg convince?

We were looking for an intuitive and user-friendly tool for centralized management of contract documents. Our needs included ease of use and scalable functionality at the same time. After numerous presentations and tests of different products, we found that many tools were either too complicated or did not offer the expected functionality. In addition, cost was a factor. Some products demanded high annual fees. However, ContractHero was able to convince us all along the line. Its ease of use, powerful features and attractive price-performance ratio made it the ideal solution for our requirements.

ContractHero's solution offered us an attractive price-performance ratio without sacrificing performance.

What makes working at Stahlbau Magdeburg so exciting?

Firstly, the company operates in a highly competitive market, where the aim is to win tenders and meet high quality standards. This requires innovation and further development to remain competitive. Secondly, the field of activity is very diverse and Stahlbau Magdeburg has proven that it is able to adapt to difficult times while looking positively to the future. In addition, the projects are interesting, such as the construction of bridges that have to be welded to millimeter precision.

What is the process when someone uses ContractHero?

The use of ContractHero was set up individually for us. It starts with the training of all employees and is carried out step by step from department to department. As a bridge builder, we have to meet very high safety and quality standards, which also have to be proven by certificates. Therefore, we are currently using ContractHero for framework contracts and capturing certificates to get an overview of their validity period. In the next phases, other departments will then be involved and additional contract categories will be added to ContractHero.

With ContractHero we have been able to design new processes

At Stahlbau Magdeburg, we faced the challenge of managing our contracts efficiently and clearly. With physical folders and unclear expiration dates, it was difficult to keep an overview. However, the implementation of ContractHero brought a significant improvement. ContractHero allows us to create custom fields and filter data, which, when combined with other tools, enables deeper analysis. An additional feature we particularly appreciated with ContractHero was the ability to capture and analyze the assessment of contracts with individual fields. This makes decisions about quality and reliability much easier.

I want to sit down at my computer and have the information ready. I don't feel like clicking through documents and folders with 12 file paths.

This is how ContractHero solved our problems:

  • Digital: Modern and optimized contract management
  • Reporting: Individual data filtering and analysis options
  • Supporting: Proactive identification and management of contract expiries
  • Extensive: Versatile use for all kinds of important contract documents
  • Simple: Intuitive application with clear dashboard for efficient workflows

To this Thomas adds: "With the implementation of ContractHero, we have created a central and digital repository of all contracts, which has significantly improved clarity and makes it much easier to find specific contract information. ContractHero's intuitive dashboard provides us with the ability to keep track of contract expirations and respond in a timely manner to expiring contracts and certificates. It has helped us to make our contract management efficient and effective.

The application and the dashboard are so simple and unimposing that you can focus on the essentials. At the same time, it is so intuitive that you have many options.

You've been a customer for a while, how's it going?

In our pioneering work with the software, we quickly moved into the "beta phase" despite the lack of specific workflows. The results so far, especially the more efficient contract creation and management, have met my personal expectations. Thanks to the quick and straightforward support so far, I am relaxed about any questions that may arise in the future. The cooperation is efficient and we are looking forward to the next phases of optimization. Many thanks to the whole team, this makes cooperation fun!

Amidst uncertainties, we have been planning the future and further development of our company. ContractHero helps us manage these changes and make our work more efficient. 

What's next for Stahlbau Magdeburg?

We will continue to work intensively on digitization, both in manufacturing and in administration. In doing so, we will rely on cloud solutions and strive for central data storage and improved data analysis. Our goal is to make significant progress by the end of 2023. We also plan to expand our product portfolio and use renewable energy sources. With regard to sustainability, we would like to look into purchasing green steel.

Thomas Janzen

Head of Finance, Organization and Operations Stahlbau Magdeburg

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Stahlbau Magdeburg switches from a stand-alone solution to digital contract management

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