Comparison: Simple, advanced or qualified electronic signature (EES, FES, QES)

Discover the optimal e-signature for your company: Our guide explains EES, FES and QES.

What is a contract: basics, contents and legal aspects

Learn about the basics, content and legal aspects of contracts.

Successfully managing contract risks: strategies for minimizing and overcoming them

Find out how you can identify, assess and manage contract risks.

Breach of Contract: A Comprehensive Guide to Prevention, Detection and Remediation

Learn how to effectively prevent, detect and remedy breaches in our comprehensive breach of contract guide.

Improve compliance: How contract management software future-proofs your business

Find out how ContractHero strengthens compliance, provides legal security and promotes the trust of business partners.

How AI-powered contract analytics significantly simplifies contract management

Learn how AI-powered contract analytics increases efficiency and accuracy in contract management and saves valuable resources.

The essential KPIs in contract management: a guide to performance measurement

Learn which KPIs are essential in contract management and how to use them efficiently.

Contract management software: the top features you need

Learn why modern contract management software is critical in the digital business world, minimizing risks and maximizing opportunities.

Contract Management Basics: A Guide for Businesses

Learn how effective contract management shapes businesses and how digital solutions can help optimize it.

Missed the contract deadline? Damage limitation and solution approaches for companies

Learn how to respond appropriately to a missed contract deadline while taking steps to avoid such mistakes in the future.

The 5 most important advantages in contract and data protection management

Learn about the benefits of contract and data protection management platforms.

Freedom of contract: influence, restrictions and benefits

Learn what freedom of contract is, what benefits it has, and what limitations there are to consider.

Contract management - an overview

Learn what contract management is and what to look for when choosing contract management software.

NDA - an ultimate guide

Learn what a Non Disclosure Agreement is and how to create an NDA.

Commercial lease - a complete guide

Learn what a commercial lease is and what's involved in creating one.

Software License Agreement - Definition and Content

Learn about the different software license agreements and how they are structured.

Leasing contract for vehicles: definition, advantages and types of contract

Find out how a leasing contract works, what different types there are and what you need to look out for when concluding one.

Electronic signature

Learn what an electronic signature is and what advantages it offers.

Digital filing

What are the advantages of digital filing? What forms of digital filing are there? Is the change worthwhile? Find out here.

Contract management must not end with the signature!

Find out what matters after signing the contract.

Preparing the annual financial statement - How to be perfectly prepared

Learn how to perfectly prepare and create the next annual financial statement.

Prepare financing rounds optimally

Find out what is important in a financing round and how you can best prepare yourself.

Commercial tenancy agreement - What you need to be aware of

Find out what you need to look out for in a commercial tenancy agreement - incl. checklist

Lease Management Software

Learn about the benefits of lease management software.

Contract Management Software for SMEs

Learn how to optimise contract management in SMEs.

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