Rights management

Secure through rights management so that only authorized people in the company have access to specific information. In this way, you ensure structured and secure information sharing within your company.

Restrict access

With the rights assignment function, you have the option of selectively restricting access to confidential information to selected individuals. This helps you ensure compliance with privacy policies and protect sensitive information.

Full control

This feature also allows you to manage the sharing of information and ensure that only authorized people can access documents. It gives you control over who can see and edit which contracts.

Efficient teamwork

The differentiated assignment of rights enables an optimized distribution of tasks within your team. Each employee has access only to the information that is relevant to his or her specific tasks, which increases efficiency while minimizing the risk of information overload.


In industries with strict regulatory requirements, targeted rights management provides an additional layer of security. Controlled access lets you ensure that your company is always in compliance with legal and internal regulations.

Adaptability and flexibility

With the rights management feature, you can easily adapt your contract management to the growing needs of your company. New employees can be easily added and their access rights configured as needed without having to rethink the entire system structure.

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Advantages of rights management with ContractHero

Keep control
Define who can view, edit, and share which documents.
Time saving
No more cumbersome approval processes: With rights management, you can set up approvals and save time.
Ensure safety
Protect confidential information: Rights management allows you to restrict access to sensitive documents.
Quickly adjust rights
Do the responsibilities in the company change? No problem - adjust the rights quickly and easily.

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