ContractHero supports DINA with transformation, pioneering spirit and transparency


  • Contracts unstructured and difficult to find
  • Unclear costs due to use of various IT tools
  • No overview of deadlines and optimization potentials

How could ContractHero DINA convince?

ContractHero convinced me because it offered exactly what we were looking for. We needed a digital, online, user-friendly and cost-efficient solution for our contract management that would not cause any resistance from users. The personal contact with ContractHero's team, especially with the Customer Experience team, created trust and made us feel that ContractHero is a reliable partner for a medium-sized company like us. The willingness to accept our ideas and suggestions, as well as the customizability of the tool in a user-friendly way, were also compelling factors. Overall, ContractHero meets our requirements in terms of functionality, pricing and partnership, which is why we chose this solution.

The big advantage of ContractHero is that you can get the right contract data in just 1-2 minutes.

What makes working at DINA so exciting?

The company has undergone an impressive transformation; from a classic medium-sized company to a modern and innovative player in the industry. This change creates exciting opportunities for employees who want to be actively involved in the development and implementation of solutions. The pioneering spirit of the company, the strong growth, the introduction of modern working methods such as holocracy and the importance of the manufactured products for safety and efficiency in various industries contribute to the attractiveness of working at DINA.

What is the process when someone uses ContractHero?

The use of ContractHero at DINA was done in several steps. Initially, contracts are uploaded by sending them to a dedicated mailbox. With the automatic forwarding to ContractHero, the contract analysis is then performed by the AI. In the next step, a dedicated person has the task to take care of contract management and monitoring of e.g. deadlines once the contracts are in the system. Particularly helpful here are certain features of ContractHero, such as the contract overview and the modular structure for different types of contracts.

What's the best part about working with ContractHero?

The ability to perform comprehensive contract analysis and the modular structure for different contract types. We particularly appreciate the ability to export analyses and gain quick insight into service contracts and their costs. The features in combination enable one thing above all: transparency. Transparency about our contracts and therefore the company. We can go from a question to contract data in just a few minutes. ContractHero provides quick access to relevant data and makes contract management much easier.

We rely on ContractHero to help us professionalize and scale.

This is how ContractHero solved our problems:

  • Structure and findability: clear order and better findability through structure in the administration
  • ‍Transparency: Contract information can now be accessed with just a few clicks‍
  • Contract analysis: Contract data is read out in seconds and stored in the system
  • ‍Compliance with deadlines: The platform facilitates monitoring and compliance with contract deadlines
  • ‍Process optimization: Access to metadata has led to more efficient contract management
  • ‍Cost control: ContractHero provides clarity on contract costs and thus enables comparison of conditions for different (IT) tools

To this, Ferdinand adds: "Thanks to ContractHero, we have significantly improved our contract management. Contracts are now structured and easy to find, meeting deadlines is straightforward, and our processes are optimized. We have regained control over some costs and can easily compare conditions for IT tools. ContractHero has revolutionized our contract management and allows us to work efficiently and transparently.

ContractHero is a super fit for what we were looking for. Price performance is top. Other tools for similar performance were much more expensive and ContractHero was simply better.

You've been a customer for a while, how's it going?

We have been using ContractHero for just under a year and are thoroughly satisfied. We were particularly impressed by the uncomplicated and personal introduction, especially the direct exchange with Gerry. Instead of having to deal with training documents, we were able to familiarize ourselves directly with the tool and get to know it. We especially appreciate the quick analysis, the access to contract information, and the seamless integration. Even as we grow, ContractHero can easily keep up. With its versatile packages and customization options, it has proven to be a flexible and scalable tool that optimally supports our areas of responsibility.

What we didn't want: here is an online tutorial, get over it. Ideas and feedback are gratefully received at ContractHero. We feel that you are a good and reliable partner for a medium-sized company.

What's next for DINA?

We strive to continue to be a pioneer, constantly digitizing and transforming our company. We do the same with our product range, offering modern, digital and intelligent security solutions. Our goal is to further professionalize ourselves, create optimal structures and processes, and thus continue to be a pioneer in smart security!

Do you want to learn more about DINA? Click here to go to the website.

Ferdinand Neumann

Head of Finance & Controlling DINA Elektronik

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