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Why does ContractHero exist?

We founded ContractHero to organise company contracts digitally, easily and clearly in one place. Most companies still don't have a digital solution for managing contracts and don't manage their contracts but only collect them in classic file folders, on the drive or in home-made Excel lists. ContractHero is the digital and cloud-based solution for modern contract management in companies.

Who is ContractHero aimed at?

With ContractHero, we have created a leading digital contract management solution for business customers. The software-as-a-service helps small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) as well as start-ups to digitise and automate manual processes in the financial and legal area.

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The founding team

Gerry Constantin-Koch
Gerry Constantin-Koch

Gerry-Constantin Koch (31) is a proven financial expert in the digital sector. From his own many years of management experience, he knows the challenges of a company-wide contract organisation.

Born in Fulda, he studied business administration at the Humboldt University in Berlin and then worked in various management positions for established start-ups and grow-ups in the finance sector. Among others, he worked for the software and infrastructure provider ZenGuard (ZenMate) as Head of Finance, Tax & Legal. Before founding ContractHero, he was Head of Finance & Legal at the large gaming provider Kolibri Games, where he was responsible for all financial and legal issues and prepared the sale of the company to Ubisoft.

Gerry Koch is also familiar with the challenges of financing rounds, audits and the M&A processes of small and medium-sized companies in addition to pure finance and legal issues. He has been involved in the automation and digitalisation of processes throughout all of his professional career, and this experience is his main motivation for founding ContractHero.

Sebastian Wengryn
Sebastian Wengryn

Sebastian Wengryn (30) is considered an experienced sales expert. He has been responsible for business development in various digital companies/fintechs and has built up strategic partnerships and marketing cooperations.

Born in Stuttgart, Wengryn completed his double degree in economics at the ESB Reutlingen and the University Pontificia Comillas in Madrid and then worked for several years at fintech heavyweight Smava. There, as Head of Cooperations & Affiliate Marketing, he was primarily responsible for business development and partnerships. Prior to ContractHero, he was Head of Sales & Partner Management for one of the ventures at company builder Finleap, where he was responsible for sales cooperations.

At ContractHero, he is primarily responsible for sales business development and collaborations. From his own painful experience with ContractHero, he has set himself the goal of making contract management so simple that teams can concentrate on their actual work again.