Energy for the future: a conversation about the implementation of ContractHero at Wegatech

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Energy for the future.
Wegatech, a company specializing in tailor-made solutions in the field of renewable energy technology, combines expertise in consulting, planning and implementation of renewable projects. Wegatech's expertise lies particularly in complex products such as photovoltaic systems, electricity storage systems and heat pumps, especially when integrated as a system. Their experienced team consists of energy consultants and engineers who select efficient and suitable products depending on individual requirements. Digital planning and quotation processes enable Wegatech to make its business model faster, more efficient and more scalable.


  • Lack of efficiency and loss of productivity
  • Limited access to information
  • Lack of visibility: Different drive folders for each department

How did ContractHero convince Wegatech?

ContractHero quickly convinced us because it covers important points that were decisive in the selection process. On the one hand, it enables an uncomplicated start for new employees, without many complex steps. On the other hand, we can display our company structure, which consists of various companies, including the parent company and its subsidiaries. Another important aspect is the clarity of expenses. ContractHero provides a clear summary of expenses, including different payment options. The immediate availability of all essential information, without having to search through the contract or document, is also extremely helpful.

All important information is immediately visible without having to look in the contract or search for the amount, thanks to a clear summary.

What makes working at Wegatech so exciting for you?

‍Workingat Wegatech is exciting because the company has grown significantly, from 45-50 employees to over 200. Wegatech has successfully adapted to the changes brought about by the coronavirus pandemic. The opportunity to work remotely has attracted many new employees during the home office obligation. In addition, there was an anniversary celebration in September 2022 and a new investor who invested 10 million euros. This event was significant for the entire team and enabled a personal exchange that previously took place mainly by telephone.

It was not necessary to hold special training sessions or meetings to introduce ContractHero.

What is the process when someone uses ContractHero?

‍Afterwe have signed the contract, we send it to ContractHero. We make sure that all the information is transferred correctly. Collecting the contracts is straightforward, as only managers are authorized to conclude contracts. Employees from other departments cannot sign contracts without prior agreement. Managers are informed about newly concluded contracts and when important questions or decisions are made, the managing directors use the tool.

Different filing locations were a major source of inefficiencies

We worked intensively with Google Drive and each department was assigned its own folder in which contracts were stored in different locations. This meant that the management could not get a quick overview of all contracts. It was necessary to ask the departments and request the documents, which was extremely time-consuming. We were not efficient with regard to this problem, so we looked for a solution that would allow us to store contracts centrally and view important criteria at a glance. This is the main reason why we chose ContractHero.

The problem: Preparing for appointments was exhausting because you had to search for contracts for a long time

This is how ContractHero solved the problem:

  • Central contract filing: Centralized filing makes it easier to search and access contracts.
  • Time saving: Quick access to the most important information.
  • Efficient collaboration: authorizations for users enable simple information exchange.
  • Positive impression: Professional impression on business partners and licensees.
  • Informative and user-friendly: easy to use, reduced training time.
  • Companies: Consideration of different companies with an authorization concept at all levels.
  • Spending overview and flexible payment options: Easily accessible overview, flexible payment input.

Lena also says: "ContractHero adapts to our requirements. You are always keen to listen to feedback and requests and adapt our solution accordingly.

We need simple software so that no training is required for new employees. That is not feasible with our growth.

You've been a customer for a while, how's it going?

We are one of the first customers of ContractHero and have therefore had a long partnership with you and I have to say that the cooperation is going very well and that makes working with the tool really pleasant. The personal relationship with ContractHero is also very important and the support always responds promptly. The advantages of using ContractHero, especially the fact that all documents are centralized in one tool, are great.

The personal relationship with ContractHero and the fast support are great because you don't have to wait long for feedback when you need help.

What's next for Wegatech?

We are currently experiencing some exciting developments. We recently launched our own energy manager, Wegahome. This enables intelligent control of consumers and thus significant energy cost savings. In addition, the new heating law (GEG amendment 2024) will come into force next year.

Want to find out more about Wegatech ? Take a look at their website .

Lena Rasche

Assistant to the management at Wegatech

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