Import and export contracts

Manage your contracts effortlessly with ContractHero - Upload your contracts quickly and easily!

Import contracts quickly

Our CSV import function allows you to import contracts into our system quickly and easily. It is no longer necessary to laboriously create or manually import each contract individually.

The freedom to store contracts in any form

With the export function, you can export your contracts at any time and in seconds. This gives you the freedom to save and edit your contracts in any form you need.

Uniform contract data for all departments

Thanks to the fast import and export mechanism, you can ensure that all your teams and departments always have access to the same, up-to-date contract information. This way, your entire company always stays on the same page.

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In the following video you will find a detailed explanation:

Advantages of the import and export function at ContractHero

Time saving
Save time managing your contracts.
Easy integration of contract data into ContractHero.
Avoid mistakes
Avoidance of errors in the manual entry of contract data.

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