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Factory Works has been offering innovative co-working spaces in Berlin and Hamburg since 2014. They not only stand out due to their first-class working opportunities, but also place particular emphasis on the development of a lively community and networking opportunities. Here, entrepreneurs, creatives and innovators come together to share ideas, realize projects and build valuable relationships. This unique approach has made Factory Works an important center for fostering startups, innovation and growth.


  • Communication problems and loss of time due to manual contract management.
  • Lack of transparency and poor access to contract data.
  • Increased risk and data loss due to old contracts and documents that are difficult to manage.

How did ContractHero Factory Works convince you?

The customized solutions for the specific challenges of our contracts convinced us. The implementation of ContractHero enabled a centralized and structured management of contracts, resulting in significant time and efficiency gains. The automated reminder functions and reliable contract management significantly minimized the risk of data loss and errors.

ContractHero has enabled us to overcome data fragmentation and significantly improve communication within our team.

What makes working at Factory Works so exciting?

I am fascinated by the strong community. It encourages creativity not only in my everyday life, but also in all the teams and even customers of Factory Works. People come together here to realize their ideas and make valuable contacts. This unique atmosphere and continuous transformation make working at Factory Works exciting and inspiring. Employees have the opportunity to participate in the development of this unique ecosystem and actively contribute to shaping the future.

How did you integrate ContractHero into your work processes?

The process at Factory Works is well structured. After approval by the COO, the contracts are entered into the central ContractHero database, which significantly speeds up the data collection process. The documents are then digitally signed and the data is managed in ContractHero. Automated reminders ensure precise monitoring of contract terms and enable upsell opportunities to be identified. This process saves time and ensures accurate contract management.

What's the best part about working with ContractHero?

ContractHero not only functions as a tool for managing contracts, but also creates added value in the various business areas far beyond pure contract management. For example, the Customer Success team experiences a significant improvement in customer communication and management. Automated reminders make it possible to proactively identify and exploit upsell opportunities. In addition, office utilization is precisely monitored, resulting in better utilization of resources. ContractHero is therefore not just a contract management tool, but a comprehensive instrument for increasing efficiency, improving customer success and maximizing business opportunities.

The use of ContractHero enables us to improve the utilization of our premises. This makes ContractHero more than just a contract management software - it is a key tool for our growth and customer retention.

The top advantages for Factory Berlin by using ContractHero:

  • Central contract management: one-stop database for efficient contract management.
  • Automated reminders: Facilitate contract monitoring.
  • Increased efficiency: time and resource savings thanks to automatic contract management.
  • Optimized customer experience: Proactive customization suggestions for agreements and products booked by Factory customers.
  • Risk reduction: Minimization of data loss and errors.

ContractHero has become an indispensable tool that gives us confidence and helps us to work efficiently. We don't want to go back to the old Excel-based system.

How has the collaboration been going so far?

Factory Works has been a ContractHero customer since the beginning of the year and we are very happy. Thanks to the platform, contract management has become much more efficient, which not only saves time but also minimizes risks. Confidence in ContractHero is high as it continuously contributes to improving control over contracts. Although the implementation is not yet complete, the path to full utilization of ContractHero shows promise. Factory Works plans to use the platform even more intensively to further optimize business processes and drive growth. The partnership with ContractHero has proven to be extremely valuable and is a key contributor to Factory Works' continued success. Keep up the good work!

What's next for Factory Works?

Factory Works plans to restore and expand networking and innovation opportunities for founders and creatives to pre-corona levels to build the next generation of tech companies. The future looks to strengthen the network. The company is working hard to optimize existing structures to best support the emerging start-up community. The future of Factory Works will be characterized by innovation and growth, with a focus on fostering entrepreneurship and creativity.

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Luiza Maldonado

Success & Growth Manager @ Factory Berlin

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