Contract management for legal departments

Lawyers are constantly faced with the challenge of managing contracts efficiently while keeping track of all the information. A 2019 study by Ernst & Young shows that 78% of legal departments would like to automate their contract management processes. It is in such situations that contract management software represents an innovative tool that can make all the difference.
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Hundreds of companies manage their contracts with ContractHero

How ContractHero helps legal departments

ContractHero provides a comprehensive contract management solution specifically for legal departments that promotes efficiency, compliance, and team collaboration, while providing a centralized, secure, and customizable platform for managing contracts and relevant deadlines.
Flawless legal compliance
Facilitate compliance and reduce legal risk.
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Complete overview
Keep track of important deadlines and details through custom dashboards.
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Boundless teamwork
Real-time access to contracts for team members in different locations.
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Data security
ISO 27001 certified data centers in Germany for secure data storage.
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Flexibly customize ContractHero to meet your company's specific needs.
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Efficiency increase
Automate routine tasks and increase efficiency with ContractHero.
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Contract management enables the decisive edge

Implementing contract management processes goes far beyond simply reducing manual and often repetitive tasks. It enables real-time collaboration, streamlined workflows and rapid identification of key information in contracts. In addition, ContractHero's software provides an overview of all contract deadlines, preventing future problems in this area.
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Collaboration and transparency as core elements

In organizations where team members work remotely, hybrid, or in multiple locations, contract management is particularly challenging and complex. Contract management software promotes collaboration by ensuring that everyone involved has access to the most current version of contracts. In addition, it enables the implementation of an e-signature, with which contracts can be signed digitally, legally valid and within minutes. Thanks to the integrated task management, all contract-related tasks can be controlled centrally. Reminders can be created, team members can be assigned and the processing status can be tracked in real time.

Data security and compliance

In times when targeted access to sensitive data and authorization management are crucial, special attention must be paid to who can view which information. With good contract management, confidential contract data is kept on secure digital servers that comply with GDPR guidelines and are ISO certified. With ContractHero's rights assignment feature, only certain people can access this sensitive data.
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Fast access and efficient contract processing

Searching for specific clauses can be a lengthy process. A contract management system provides the ability to find contracts and relevant documents almost instantly. Automated systems also simplify processes that previously took a lot of time. Searches that were once manual and time-consuming are now streamlined and can be incorporated directly into the workflow, ensuring continuous and smooth processing.

Scalability and adaptability

Contract management requirements can vary from company to company. ContractHero's contract management software is designed to adapt to these varying needs. It is both scalable and flexible. The software streamlines routine processes by providing standardized contract categories and enabling quick and easy importing of contracts through its CSV import feature. Despite these optimizations, it is still adaptable enough to accommodate special requirements for customized contracts.
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Customer feedback

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"ContractHero is an extremely user-friendly solution that grows with our business. ContractHero guided us as we expanded into new markets and is a central control module across all companies for managing our business relationships with our stakeholders."
Luke Berg
Legal Counsel, Schüttflix GmbH


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