Multi-client capability

Manage multiple companies on one platform

ContractHero's multi-client capability allows companies and corporate groups to manage multiple companies or entities in one account.
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ContractHero is rated 4.8 out of 5 stars on G2 and OMR Reviews.

Easy management of company structures

ContractHero's multi-client capability allows a parent company to efficiently consolidate subsidiaries by managing the entire organization on the same platform.

Software that evolves with your business

ContractHero adapts seamlessly to the changing requirements of a company structure, increasing efficiency and flexibility.
Compliance & Auditing

Efficient audits and secure management of contract data

Thanks to the structured access control of the multi-client capability, secure contract management is guaranteed, which optimizes compliance and auditing processes.

Facilitate internal communication

Multi-client capability facilitates internal communication and data exchange between different departments or subsidiaries, as everyone can access the same data.
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