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The property management company Stocky sees itself as a partner of property owners and owners' associations between Augsburg and Munich.
It takes over the management of the respective property as WEG management, rental/SE management, but also for commercial properties. In doing so, the company places the highest value on trust and works in close coordination with the owners in order to fully meet expectations and always act in the common interest.


Stocky Property Management is responsible not only for direct contracts with the properties, but also for their contracts with utilities, insurance companies and service providers.

With a total number of almost 300 contracts, the overview and information retrieval reaches its limits when filed in file shelves.

  • High number of contracts
  • Lack of overview of the suppliers
  • Analog document storage


By using ContractHero, new contracts are directly digitally recorded and existing contracts are easily post-digitised. All 300+ documents are centrally stored in ContractHero, are searchable and indicate expiring deadlines from day 1. The extra transparency made it clear where potential savings and framework agreements lie.

  • 90% time saving when finding any information
  • 300+ documents centrally stored
  • Risk minimisation through deadline warnings

ContractHero is an all-around smart solution for everyday digital management. For the first time, it gives us a complete overview of all our properties' contracts, provides security in terms of deadlines, and gives us the basis for negotiating framework agreements with utilities.

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Owner property management Stocky

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