Savings of 100,000 euros in the first year with ContractHero


At hhpberlin, contract management has so far been directly linked to financial accounting, but at different storage locations at the seven company sites. The volume comprises around 500-800 contracts plus unreported numbers, including e.g. contracts for rent, vehicles, magazines and other subscriptions, with a volume of around half a million euros.

There is a lack of overview and direct access to contract details.

  • No direct access to details    
  • No overview    
  • Managed via bottleneck Fibu
  • High number of contracts


Through the use of ContractHero, a virtual filing system has been created that is decoupled from the financial accounting and thus provides the management with a 360° overview independent of time and place. The new transparency creates additional trust in the company and a solid basis for business decisions.

  • 30-50T EUR savings after 3 months    
  • 15% Relief of the financial accounting  
  • 360° all-round view for management

ContractHero takes our contract management to a whole new level. Contracts are transformed from soulless documents into living potentials. This frees up liquidity so that hhpberlin can work even more agilely and develop even faster. The price-performance ratio is simply phenomenal!

Stefan Truthän

Managing Partner hhpberlin

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