Sign quickly, securely and digitally

Digitally sign contracts with QES and FES according to eIDAS and archive them in ContractHero - for a smooth transition from signature to administration.
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Digital signature

ContractHero combines e-signatures with contract management for optimal control.

Simple electronic signature (EES)

The EES is the simple form of signature, also known as the basic signature, provides basic legitimization and is mostly used for less critical documents. This signature is not offered as a stand-alone option at ContractHero, as its functions are covered by the more advanced signature, the FES.
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Advanced electronic signature (FES)

ContractHero's FES offers a secure signature method that is directly linked to the signatory, allows them to be identified and makes changes to documents traceable. If you would like to find out more about e-signatures, you can read our blog here.
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Qualified electronic signature (QES)

Our QES is equivalent to a handwritten signature and is designed to meet the highest security requirements. By using qualified certificates, it offers maximum trustworthiness and legal validity, ideal for official and legally binding documents. If you would like to find out more about e-signatures, you can read our blog here.
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Customized invitations

Send personalized invitations to sign contracts, including instructions or justifications, directly via ContractHero. This not only makes the signature process more efficient, but also more user-friendly.

Sign, manage and archive contracts in one place

Traditionally, signed contracts often end up unnoticed in filing cabinets, which harbors risks. ContractHero offers a solution: contracts are not only securely stored, but also actively managed. With the e-signature, everything takes place in one place - signing, archiving and administration.

Only legally compliant contracts with the correct signature

Consistently ensure that only legally compliant contracts are created with the advanced and qualified digital signature from ContractHero. The signature audit provides you with technical proof of the signature process.
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