Real estate industry

Contract management for the real estate industry

ContractHero promotes efficiency and transparency for real estate companies through effective contract management, automates processes and accelerates decision-making.
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ContractHero is rated 4.8 out of 5 stars on G2 and OMR Reviews.

All contracts in one place

ContractHero brings order to your contract chaos and finally makes digital contract management simple and efficient. This way you keep control of your contracts at all times.

Contract coordination
Manage complex projects with numerous contractual partners.
Deadline control
Keep an overview of all important contract deadlines.
Compliance monitoring
Comply with all legal requirements such as the EU CSRD Directive.

Saving time through digitization

ContractHero increases efficiency and risk management at property management company Stocky through digitalization and automated management, resulting in 90% time savings and improved negotiations.

Transparent project overview

ContractHero helps real estate companies navigate market fluctuations and rising interest rates through clear contract overviews, streamlined contract management and improved collaboration, which also facilitates regulatory compliance.

Implementation of effective compliance measures

ContractHero makes it easier for real estate companies to comply with regulations by providing templates for quickly creating legally compliant contracts and managing deadlines and tasks in a legally compliant manner.
"ContractHero takes our contracting to a whole new level. Contracts are transformed from soulless documents to living potentials. This frees up liquidity so that hhpberlin can work even more agilely and develop even faster. The price-performance ratio is simply phenomenal!"
Stefan Truthän
Managing Partner
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