Contract management for agencies

ContractHero makes it easier for agencies to manage projects efficiently through transparent contract management.
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ContractHero is rated 4.8 out of 5 stars on G2 and OMR Reviews.

All contracts in one place

ContractHero brings order to your contract chaos and finally makes digital contract management simple and efficient. This way you keep control of your contracts at all times.

Project management
Manage your projects and associated contracts centrally and efficiently.
Costs and licenses
Keep track of expenses and manage licenses centrally.
Data protection and compliance
Ensure compliance with data protection and compliance standards

Accessibility and mobility

The digitization of contracts at Booker GmbH enables employees to access contract data from any location. This has enabled Booker to increase efficiency in its core business by 25% and raise the digitization rate by 20%.

Legal administration

ContractHero automates contract management for you so you can focus on your core business. It makes handling copyrights and licenses simple and clear, especially useful for industries with constant creative and digital change.

Optimization of approval processes

In dynamic working environments, ContractHero accelerates the processing of contracts, reduces waiting times through digitalized processes and promotes the productive implementation of your projects.
"We lost far too much time on manual and repetitive tasks. Thanks to ContractHero, we not only save an incredible amount of time and money in managing our contracts, but also optimize communication internally and externally in the often turbulent daily agency life."
Franziska Böhnemann
Executive Assistant
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