Contract management for operations teams

The rapidly changing world of work brings both challenges and opportunities for operations teams. In an era of flexible working models and AI automation, the demands for efficient contract management are increasing. While these trends offer the potential for significant improvements, they can also bring risks such as a complex IT landscape and communication gaps.
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How ContractHero helps operations teams

ContractHero provides operations teams with a centralized contract management platform that minimizes communication gaps and simplifies the management of different contract types.
Simplified contract management
Centralize your contracts for efficient and structured management.
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Quick access to contract details
Identify contract information in seconds thanks to OCR technology.
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Improved communication
Define responsibilities and accountabilities.
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Clear access rights
Set precise access rights with rights management.
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Minimization of errors
Categorize and structure your contracts with a personalized overview.
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Automated deadline management
Receive automatic email reminders of upcoming deadlines.
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Current challenges for operations teams

Flexible working hours, 4-day weeks and remote or hybrid working models are becoming increasingly relevant. These developments require adapted organizational and coordination structures within operations teams. This development not only leads to many more contracts, but also requires modifications to employment contracts, particularly in the areas of work location, data protection and the use of company resources. Another current topic is the automation of manual tasks through AI. According to an IBM study, 35% of companies are already using AI, while 42% are exploring the possibilities. AI can also help operations teams, e.g. in AI-supported contract analysis, which leads to an increase in efficiency.
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Overcoming IT complexity

A study by Freeform Dynamics highlights that for 76% of respondents, the complexity of the IT landscape is a significant barrier to productivity. One problem cited was contract management, for which operations teams are often responsible. Contract documents are usually spread across various IT tools, such as Excel, Slack, Apollo, Salesforce and many more. This not only makes it difficult to find relevant contract information quickly, but also to manage it efficiently. ContractHero addresses this challenge by storing all contracts centrally and clearly and provides a comprehensive address book for all contract partners, enabling a clear overview of existing agreements. In addition, ContractHero enables OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology that allows contract details to be identified and retrieved in seconds.

Clear responsibilities and minimized communication gaps

According to World Commerce & Contracting, in 40% of organizations it is unclear who is responsible for which contracts. One of the main reasons for this is communication gaps. It is often not defined who is responsible for which topic and the use of too many communication tools such as emails, meetings and Slack adds to the confusion. This is a major problem for operations teams in particular, as they are in constant communication with different departments and need an overview of all contracts. ContractHero provides a centralized platform for the clear storage and management of all contracts, allowing for more efficient coordination and communication regarding contract details and responsibilities.
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Present complex contract structures simply

Operations teams often face the challenge of working with a variety of different contract types and contractors, including suppliers, freight forwarders and warehouse service providers. Each of these contract types comes with specific clauses and compliance requirements that need to be manually managed and monitored. This complexity makes it difficult for the team to keep track of upcoming deadlines, relevant performance indicators and liability clauses. As a result, the potential for errors increases and opportunities for optimization remain untapped. ContractHero addresses this problem by providing individual contract fields. This feature allows the team to efficiently categorize and structure contracts, simplifying contract management and minimizing errors.

Avoid unplanned costs and contract extensions

A study by Deloitte from 2019 shows that more than 50% of companies do not know when they need to renew their contracts. This not only leads to unwanted renewals, but also to additional costs. As operations teams are responsible for financial planning, a comprehensive overview in this area is of great importance to them. This is where ContractHero's automated deadline management comes into play, sending timely reminders to protect against unexpected costs and missed contract deadlines.
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"The main reason we chose ContractHero: the solution saves us a lot of costs in a simple way and pays for itself after a very short time. In addition, we at BITGRIP are into digital solutions and smart service providers - so ContractHero is a perfect fit for us."
Ina Thier
Office Operations Manager, BITGRIP GmbH


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