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Contracts form the backbone of many business relationships and transactions. However, with the rapid development of technology and globalization, contract management is becoming increasingly complex and demanding. While contracts used to be archived on paper and monitored manually, the speed and diversity of today's business world requires a clear, often automated method. Companies that want to remain competitive in today's digital age need to rely not only on effective, but also innovative automated contract management solutions.

The relevance of contract management software

  • High complexity : The growing complexity of contract management, including the lifecycle of contracts, is now widely recognized and has created a greater need for digital solutions. According to a study by Wolters Kluwer and the European Company Lawyers Association, 54% of legal departments see contract management as an area in urgent need of improvement.

  • Digitization and competitive pressure: In addition, rapid digitization and the pressure to remain competitive has led to 25% of legal departments seeing an increase in the approval of their digital budgets. This clearly shows that companies are realizing how crucial it is to invest in digital contract management systems.

  • Remote working: The current working culture, including the increased use of automated systems for e-contracting, has also changed. An increase in remote working was noted by 85% of legal departments, highlighting the need to have centralized and accessible contract management systems in place to maintain efficiency and effectiveness across distributed teams.

In summary, modern contract management software is not just a "nice to have" option, but an essential necessity for companies that want to remain competitive in today's digital and globalized business world.

Problems that are solved with the functions of a contract management tool

Lack of overview and control

In today's digitized business environment, information overload has become the norm. Yet, according to World Commerce & Contracting, 84% of companies are experiencing pressure to simplify their contract processes. This need for simplification is not unexpected, as simpler contracts based on automated templates ease compliance factors, increase work efficiency and minimize the potential for misunderstandings. However, given the abundance of data, companies face the challenging task of managing their contract data in a centralized, up-to-date and efficient manner through contract controlling. Without adequate technological support, they run the risk of overlooking or even losing essential contract details. Such omissions can not only lead to missed business opportunities, but also to significant legal consequences. It is therefore crucial that companies invest in modern solutions to successfully overcome these challenges.


Specialized solutions such as the contract dashboard, contract overviews and contract categorization have been developed to address this problem. These digital tools help to systematically categorize contracts, maintain an overview and monitor all contractual activities and thus minimize the risks of lost or overlooked information.

To get a deeper insight into our contract dashboard, we recommend you watch our video here:

Lack of insight and analysis

Contract management is not just about storing and managing documents; it is about extracting value from these documents. Through transparency and proper analysis of the data contained in the contracts, companies can identify opportunities such as contract renewals, volume discounts and strategic partnerships and avoid risks such as contractual penalties and unfavorable termination terms.


Modern tools such as contract overviews, Excel/CSV Importer and Excel Export enable companies to record and analyze their contract data in a structured manner. This allows valuable insights to be gained and strategic decisions to be made on the basis of specific data.

Lack of scalability and automation

With 81% of companies considering the introduction of contract automation according to Forbes, the essential importance of technology in contract management is becoming increasingly clear.
The traditional, manual handling of contracts is not only resource-intensive, but also harbors considerable potential for error. For expanding companies in particular, this approach can become a critical bottleneck and significantly limit sustainable business growth. It is therefore becoming increasingly clear that technology and automation in contract management are not only desirable, but essential.


Automation tools with features such as deadline reminders and automated contract analysis can solve this problem. They eliminate repetitive tasks and reduce the error rate, leading to greater efficiency and productivity. The benefits of automation are manifold: it minimizes manual errors, optimizes workflows, assists with risk assessment and ensures that no important deadlines or contract clauses are forgotten.

Lack of centralization in teams and units

The fragmentation of information across different departments can slow down decision making and lead to inconsistencies.


Thanks to modern technology, solutions such as multi-client capability and user management are now available. These allow companies to create a central platform for the creation, management and sharing of all contract data that can be used by different departments, promoting closer collaboration and better decision-making.

Lack of collaboration and communication

According to a study by World Commerce & Contracting, 65% of companies are looking to improve their communication in the contracting process. Clear and effective communication is critical to ensure both parties clearly understand the terms, expectations and obligations of the contract. The lack of effective communication channels between teams can lead to overlap, misunderstandings and missed opportunities.


Solutions such as user management and task management enable teams to collaborate in real time, share contractual information or create tasks. This improves communication, promotes knowledge sharing and optimizes the entire contract management process.

Lack of data security and compliance

The confidentiality and security of contract data are of paramount importance. Any breach can lead not only to financial losses, but also to significant reputational damage.


This is where modern and certified security solutions come into play. By using servers in Germany, GDPR compliance and ISO certifications, along with modern authentication methods such as MFA, SSO and role management, companies can ensure that their data is safe and secure.

In today's business world, contract management challenges are common. Companies need solutions such as contract dashboards, automation tools, and improved communication to minimize errors, increase efficiency, and ensure compliance.

How ContractHero masters these contractual challenges

ContractHero is specifically designed to efficiently meet the diverse requirements of contract management. Our contract management software integrates all of the aforementioned key functions to meet the complex challenges of contract management. We attach great importance to ensuring that our application is not only user-friendly, but also enables comprehensive and efficient administration.

Find out how ContractHero can take your contract management to the next level. Book a free demo with us now and experience how our tool can revolutionize your contract management.


In today's ever-changing business world, contract management is an essential component for companies. With the advent of digitalization and globalization, it has become essential to implement effective and innovative contract management solutions to successfully manage the growing complexity and speed of business transactions. Current challenges, such as lack of overview, insufficient analysis and the need for automation, make the use of modern, specialized software solutions indispensable.
ContractHero offers such a tailor-made solution, which is characterized not only by user-friendliness, but also by a focused, targeted application. The contract management software is therefore not just a tool for simply archiving contracts, but offers companies the added value of using contracts effectively, exploiting business opportunities and reducing risks. This shows the growing importance of software solutions that are specifically geared towards the requirements and challenges of modern contract management.

Sebastian Wengryn

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