ContractHero Whitepaper

Goodbye binders - in this white paper, our contract experts have compiled tips that companies can use to make their contract management as efficient as possible.

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In this white paper you will learn


Tips for digitising your contract management


The dangers of an outdated system


Advantages of a central and digital filing system


How to easily create order and structure


We give you back control

ContractHero was founded in 2020 by finance and digital experts Gerry Koch and Sebastian Wengryn in Berlin.

Before ContractHero, they witnessed first-hand how companies lose time and money due to poor contract management. Because the solutions of existing providers seemed too complex and user-unfriendly to them, they decided with ContractHero to finally make contract management in small and medium-sized enterprises simple and intuitive.

Gerry Koch and Sebastian Wengryn
The ContractHero founders
Gerry Koch and Sebastian Wengryn