Single Sign-On (SSO)

ContractHero's Single Sign-On (SSO) feature makes it much easier to access your contracts. A single, secure login is all you need to access all contract documents in the system.

Quick access

Benefit from a significant acceleration of your work processes with ContractHero's single sign-on feature. A single click is all it takes to get instant access to all your contract information and documents. Eliminating additional authentication steps reduces your time investment and makes the platform easier to use.


Increase the security of your contract data with centralized authentication and control over your access rights. This centralized control also allows you to reduce the number of passwords you need, minimizing the risk of security breaches caused by weak or reused passwords.


Simplify the use of ContractHero by coupling our platform with your existing single sign-on solution through a seamless integration. This integration eliminates the need to remember multiple passwords and login credentials.

Fast onboarding and offboarding processes

With SSO, new employees can be integrated into the system more quickly. Access rights can also be withdrawn quickly if an employee leaves the company.

Advantages of the Single Sign-On solution at ContractHero

Time saving
Save time when logging in and conveniently access your contracts.
Increased security through central authentication and control of access rights.
User management
Seamless integration with your existing single sign-on solution enables simple user management.
Risk Management
No need to manage separate credentials, reducing the risk of password loss or forgotten credentials.

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