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ContractHero contract management software digitises and organises all your company contracts

Individual field kit

Contracts are complex and individual. Therefore, with ContractHero you can easily and quickly create your own custom fields and categories.
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Find contract details in seconds

With ContractHero, you always have important contract details at a glance. A clear structure in the presentation of contract information makes searching for and reading contracts superfluous. This saves you time and nerves.

Automated deadline management

Automatic reminders inform you in time about upcoming deadlines and contract renewals and protect you from unnecessary costs.
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Central rights management

With rights management, you can define for each individual user which contracts the person has read or write access to.

Sub-teams and multi-client capability

Control multiple companies, locations, teams or clients centrally and clearly via your main account.
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Digital signature

Sign contracts digitally and manage them digitally - with ContractHero's fully integrated electronic signature, you have both functions seamlessly combined in one tool.

DSGVO-compliant security standards

Secure SSL encryption
We use secure SSL encryption for communication between the data centre and your browser.
Hosting in Germany
We store all your data on servers in Germany, DSGVO-compliant and certified according to ISO 27001.
Your data belongs to you
Your data will only be used to give you a better insight into your contract. Under no circumstances will we pass your data on to third parties in any form.
Delete irrevocably
After cancellation, your data will be automatically deleted by us after 14 days. You can also request the irrevocable deletion of your data at any time.

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Frequently asked questions about contract management software

Why do I need contract management software?
The number of contracts that companies sign with their service providers and suppliers has increased dramatically over the last decade: software subscriptions, freelance contracts, financing agreements, NDAs, DPs, GCs, insurances and other types of contracts are becoming more and more common with the increasing complexity of the modern, digitalized business world.

It's important to stay on top of things and not lose sight of any contracts. After all, contracts are obligations. Only when you know exactly what your company's obligations are will you be able to make responsible decisions. With contract management software, you create a solid basis for this. Because it helps you to systematically record and organize contracts.

Almost all contracts contain dates and deadlines, such as dates for automatic subscription renewals, deadlines for exercising an option, or notice periods for rentals. Forgetting these dates means wasting money. Contract management software helps ensure that no deadlines are missed.

Contracts often map out future revenue and expenses. With contract management software, you can quantitatively evaluate your contracts: What amount do we need to set aside for future obligations? What revenue are we currently contractually obligated to receive? Among other things, automatically calculate the total of all monthly recurring payment obligations from subscriptions.

Today, contracts are often decentralized. Many teams subscribe to their software products, hire freelancers, buy advertising, or rent equipment or infrastructure. Without cross-team contract management, it is difficult to keep this "contract jungle" under control. A good contract management software is multi-user capable and offers sophisticated features for access rights and user management.
What are the advantages of contract management software compared to tools like Excel?
Of course, you can also manage your contracts in a spreadsheet program like Excel. In this case, you have to enter all the required contract details manually. The disadvantages of the "spreadsheet method" are obvious:

  • You risk making input errors. These can be costly later, for example if a sum of money or an appointment was not entered correctly.
  • You commit to certain contract details when entering them. This leads to you either missing certain information later in the contract database or entering a lot of unnecessary contract details.
  • They consume a lot of working time for recording and maintaining the contract data. This also means that there is a risk of not updating the list in the event of contract changes due to convenience or lack of time.
  • When several people or teams edit the same list, conflicts are inevitable. All too easily, an entry can be accidentally overwritten by another team member! Even if Excel offers appropriate protection functions, a spreadsheet is still not a full-fledged replacement for a real database software.

The advantages of contract management software over spreadsheets are clear:

  • True multi-user capability: The contract management software offers sophisticated user administration and allows access rights to the contracts to be defined in a differentiated manner.
  • Automatic evaluations: The monetary amounts deposited in the contracts can be statistically evaluated directly in the software.
  • Flexible classification system: You can define your own classification system using tags, categorizations and individual data fields. Accordingly, your contract collection can be clustered, sorted and filtered according to various aspects.
  • Automatic reminders: The software can independently recognise the deadlines and dates defined in the contracts. This makes it possible to sort contracts according to time dimensions such as due date and to set up automatic reminders.
Is contract management software financially worthwhile?
On average, our customers achieve an ROI of over 5X of the investment in ContractHero in the first year with ContractHero. A cost comparison:

Manually manage contracts: Estimate how many person-hours per month it takes to manually manage contracts and the business relationships behind them with your customers, service providers, landlords, etc. Add to that the increased financial and legal risk that comes from ignoring important obligations as well as deadlines in contracts.

Manage contracts automatically with ContractHero: there are predictable costs for using the software. These will be overcompensated within a few months by an optimized and professional management of your contracts.

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