OCR & Full Text Search

Save time and effort with ContractHero's OCR feature! The OCR function allows you to quickly and easily scan documents and automatically extract text and data.

Optimize work processes

ContractHero's OCR feature is a powerful tool that helps you streamline your work processes. By eliminating the need to laboriously search for data, you'll save time and minimize the risk of errors, while improving the accuracy of your data.

Easily extract data from documents

With ContractHero's OCR feature, you can quickly and easily scan documents and extract the data. This way you avoid manual data entry and save time and effort.

Advantages of OCR text recognition at ContractHero

Time saving
Save valuable time, convert documents to digital files quickly and easily.
Improved accuracy
Avoid human error and improve data accuracy with OCR text recognition.
OCR text recognition allows you to search, edit, and share your contracts and documents quickly and easily.
Faster access to data
OCR text recognition lets you find important information in your documents easily and quickly.

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