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Stakeholder management

Live held on: 08.06.2022

Learn what matters when starting a new job in our webinar series, "Best Practices for Your Organization - Everything You Need to Pay Attention to in the First 90 Days" with torq.partners.

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What you will learn in this webinar

In the second webinar, we will look at topics and tips for your stakeholder management.

Gerry C. Koch, Co-Founder of ContractHero, Roman Finke and Florian Klages, both Managing Partners at torq.partners, talk about their experiences gained during their previous careers. All three come from different backgrounds and can thus give their expertise from a variety of perspectives.


  • Which stakeholders are there?
  • Best practices for dealing with stakeholders


Roman Finke

Managing Partner, torq.partners

Florian Klages

Managing Partner, torq.partners

Gerry Koch

Co-Founder, ContractHero GmbH

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