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What kind of mindset do you need to use the tech back office profitably?

Live held on: 29.09.2022

45-minute webinar on optimizing the tech back office and how it can be used profitably.

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What you will learn in this webinar

Stefan Truthän is the progressive driving force and visionary behind hhpberlin. Since 2008, he has been responsible for the operational and strategic development of the company. With his unconventional solutions and great passion, he helped hhpberlin to grow rapidly. hhpberlin provides deep insights into your IT infrastructure and explains what helped you to set up your company not only crisis-proof, but also more efficient. You will learn about the exact implementation, Stefan's learnings, and how he approached the topic in the webinar.


  • Presentation hhpberlin
  • How does IT as a central tool help companies survive?


Stefan Truthän

Managing Partner, hhpberlin

Sebastian Wengryn

Co-Founder, ContractHero GmbH

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